About Tamara Hanson

Author. Soul Love Warrior. Self Love Advocate. Speaker. Guide. B. A. Psychology.
Combining writing and a B.A. in Psychology to create something as beautiful as Soul Love Warrior was never planned this way. I fell into it like most of us fall into something after we experience tragedy or challenges in life that leave us flattened. We either take life experiences and hold onto the incredible sadness they can bring, or we take them and create something amazing from them. I knew that I had to create something amazing.
After having suffered incredible loss that saddled me with immense grief, I observed the world and how the majority of us were just settling; how we were okay with mediocre love. As I continued to look, I realized that most of us do not love ourselves. Self-love is not taught nor encouraged.
It's time to change that.
This is where Soul Love Warrior came to me. I created Soul Love Warrior to help guide others to become their wonderful, beautiful, badass warrior selves.
It always begins within!
It's time to do the work to find the deep love for yourself. If you wonder if it's still there, I can say with complete confidence that I know it is - you've only hidden it away.
To live a juicy life, you must awaken the deep love you have for yourself.
This is the way back to love.
Check out www.soullovewarrior.com for more information and to contact me about speaking engagements, and hosting workshops and retreats on Self-Love.

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