Sunday, 26 April 2015

Reveal Your Heart

"What you are willing to show your partner first, that is where your worth lies." This is a quote by my good friend, Melissa. We had been talking about love and self worth, observing that what we are willing to reveal to another person first is where our self worth lies.

When we feel we are lacking in the worth department, we will reveal to others things that hold very little value; superficial things that really don't show others our true magnificence. We believe that our worth and desirability will be validated if we can show others how worthy we are through our income, our sexual prowess, our education, our over achievement... and the list goes on. While these things have some use to a degree, they aren't what make us worthy or valid.

We've all been hurt and we've all been rejected. It's part of life and it has nothing to do with our worth or who we are. Rejection and hurt is all ego. The ego is consistently looking for someone to validate it because that's what gives it more momentum; that's what keeps ego alive. The ego likes to jump on the couch and yell, "Look at me. Look at me."

When we reveal our heart, when we aren't afraid to open it up so others can see what's inside, that is when our light truly shines. Don't be afraid to love. Don't be afraid to open up your heart and send love out to the world. You must love yourself so deeply that you will not be able to experience the intense pain from rejection or hurt. If the pain of a break up were to happen, the grief would be minuscule.

Let your love flow like an ocean to your own heart; it will overflow and swell to the point where it has no where else to go but out into the Universe. Try this for 30 days. Be mindful about your feelings and consistently send love to your beautiful heart. Then, don't be afraid to reveal that beauty to the world.

Stay true to yourself and own your magnificence!

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Monday, 13 April 2015

Falling in Love With You

Many years ago, I had thought that loving yourself meant you were conceited and loving yourself meant you thought very highly of yourself. Picture Reggie from the Archie comics. 

But, then I discovered that loving yourself doesn't mean being conceited, and it certainly doesn't mean you are full of yourself. Loving yourself means that you are willing and able to treat yourself with love and respect, the same love and respect you would give to others. Loving yourself isn't about the 'me' attitude. Loving yourself is about knowing your worth and knowing that you will not be treated like a doormat. Loving yourself means that you are not willing to settle. 

When you love yourself, it is so much easier to love others. Loving yourself means you can see beyond the facade and passed the brokenness, passed the ego of either yourself or others, and see into the soul at the deepest level. 

Loving yourself is honouring yourself. 

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Keep loving yourself, dear friends!